Wednesday, April 29, 2015

screen free week

Screen Free Week May 4-10--
 Spring Fair at Acorn Hill May 9th!
HI parents,
May 4-10 is Screen Free week, and I invite you to go screen free for the week with me! What that means is limiting screen time to necessary work activities, but no entertainment/social media screens. I have also had parents in my classes devise plans like only checking phone for texts once every (?) hours, having a (paper)pad and pen handy to jot down what they want to 'Google' and setting aside an hour in the evening for that. The goal is to bring awareness to our use of screens--what is healthy for us and our relationships.  
Screen Free Week

As Kim John Payne says:To be clear, I am not anti-screen, but I am passionately pro human relationships and family connections.
pro human, not anti screen

It just so happens that May 9th is Spring Fair at Acorn Hill. A lovely screen free event!
Come join us!
Acorn Hill Waldorf Kindergarten & Nursery

enlightening facts:
There is no research to support the idea that children need to be exposed to technology early in order to be successful in at high tech world. (Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood)

Most adults check there phone 140 times per day!

No screens for at least one hour before bed improves sleep in adults (we already knew this was so for children).

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