Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday Gifts

"Black Friday", "Cyber Monday." More stuff is about to invade!!!

Parents in my classes are expressing concerns about how to handle the holidays--all the gifts that come from well meaning family members. They also are wondering how to have a more simple, meaningful observance of the time of year that is about light in the darkness. Christmas, Hannukah, Solstice. So below are just a few suggestions and quotes....

  • "Speak to our major bearers of clutter (I mean gifts), extended family and especially Grandparents about your wish for simplicity. Thank them for raising you in such a way that led you to make conscious parenting choices, that they gave you the strength to not be manipulated by marketers and the morals to not confuse love and care with “stuff”. Framing a conversation about your parenting values first takes the potential sting out of a request to keep the gifts simple".--Kim John Payne  Simplicity Parenting

  • A good guideline, especially for babies is "Passive object, active baby" and to avoid the "active object, passive baby"
  • ask your family to give 'experiences' , take your toddler for a walk in the woods, a walk through the Zoo, or help pay for one of the parent toddler classes....
  • ask for only homemade/handmade gifts instead of participating in the commercial frenzy that happens at the holidays
  • have a 'recycling' family gift exchange-- give and receive something that you or family members own and have enjoyed.
When looking ahead at the celebrations, spend some time now each day--maybe just a few minutes, contemplating what the holiday means to you --what is the essential, deeper meaning that nurtures you --gives you renewal?  Then spend some time in reverie--how to bring that in a simple way to your family? 


  1. Great post, Liz. I especially love the idea of "passive object, active baby." It carries over to adults, too.

    1. good point, Lori! I hadn't thought of that.